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Use protocol
    Please carefully read and fully understand the China spray packaging services agreement (hereinafter referred to as the "agreement") in the terms, including exempt or limit the exemption clause in the spray packaging in China and on the user's rights restrictions and choose to accept or not to accept the agreement. If you complete the registration, login, use and other acts, will be regarded as the acceptance of this agreement, and agreed to accept the terms of this agreement, the terms of the agreement.

    This agreement can be revised by the spray packaging in China, revised the terms of the agreement the website in the place of the original terms of the agreement, users continue to accept service website, has received a modified protocol.

    First, on China's spray packaging network

    China spray packaging network collection spray industry chain platform thousands of spray packaging related enterprises to build, to become China's most promising spray industry network information, trading, exchange platform.

    Two, how to become a member of China's spray packaging network

     Users in China through the spray packaging web site to register, and meet the following conditions, you can become a member of the website:

1 fully agree to the "agreement".

2 in accordance with the requirements of the site, the true and accurate to fill in the corresponding registration information.

    Users according to their own needs, can be signed with the Chinese spray packaging network service agreement, become a web site members, and enjoy the upgrade services.

    Three, "website" member service content

1 China aerosol packaging network for all users to provide basic information dissemination services, search services, information transfer services, etc.. China's spray packaging network reserves the right to adjust the types and forms of service according to the actual situation.

2 China's packaging and packaging services, web services, according to the user needs to choose and users and Chinese spray packaging network members signed a fee based services agreement.

3 China spray packaging network to upgrade and website users to upgrade the common interests, improve and adjust the types of services, the right to form. Related changes should be notified 1 months in advance of the member, China is not responsible for the spray packaging network.

    Four, service conditions

    Users to use the services provided by China's spray packaging network shall comply with the following:

1, users have to responsible for the release of information, detailed, true and accurate information of enterprise should be provided, shall publish unreal, ambiguity, in violation of national laws and regulations, and other information, the absolute prohibition of publishing misleading, malicious message, the user may not use the community risk harm national security, leaking state secrets, shall not infringe upon the legitimate rights and interests of the state, social and collective and citizens, shall not use the community production, reproduction and dissemination of the following information:

A) the implementation of the constitution, laws and administrative rules and regulations;

B) to subvert the state power and overthrow the socialist system, to incite the country to split, and to undermine the unity of the state;

C) fabricating or distorting the facts, spreading rumors, disturbing the social order, and incitement to ethnic hatred, ethnic discrimination and undermining national unity;

D) to promote feudal superstition, obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, murder, terror, and the crime of;

E) openly insulting others or fabricating facts to slander others, or other malicious attacks;

F) the credibility of the state organs;

G) violation of the rights and interests of the third party;

H) other violation of the Constitution and the laws and administrative regulations;

    In case of any of the above circumstances, the holder of the right to request or the State Administration, judicial requirements, or China's spray packaging network decision, the relevant content can be deleted or suspended member services.

2, China's spray packaging network to provide users with a membership account and password for membership only, if the user will account or password is lost or stolen, should be promptly recovered or re registered and re set the password. Due to the loss of user account and password loss caused by the user should be responsible for their own.

3, China spray packaging staff have the right according to relevant laws and regulations and platform management stipulation, for users to publish information of editing, compilation and dissemination of unreal, ambiguity, in violation of national laws and regulations for the information and the right to remove, resulting in the loss of, by the user borne.

4, such as the use of services provided by the user to engage in including but not limited to the above cited violations of law or infringement, to the Chinese spray packaging network or any third party causing losses, the user shall be responsible for the full compensation. China's spray packaging network to retain its reputation and property losses caused by China's spray packaging network, the right to conduct legal proceedings.

Five, the rights and obligations of China's spray packaging network

1. As a result can not be caused by force majeure or other cause beyond the control of the service interruption or other defects, including due to the loss of related data or information system problems and lead to, China spray packaging should not bear the responsibility, but will do everything possible to help deal with the aftermath, and strive to reduce thus caused to the user and the impact of the loss.

2 China spray packaging network to retain the contents of the user submitted to modify, not to publish, delete and other rights.

3 privacy protection
     China spray packaging which is not open to the public or to a third party to provide user registration information and the user in the use of network services stored in China spray packaging network platform of non disclosure, but according to the following provisions of the user's information disclosure.

(a) according to the relevant laws and regulations;

(b) to implement the terms of this service;

(c) prior access to the user's explicit authorization;

(d) in accordance with the requirements of the relevant government departments;

(E) in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of the members of China's spray packaging network and its users and the public's rights, property, or personnel.

Six, disclaimer

1. China spray packaging responsible only for unified platform for the launch of the service, in welding net media's other non Chinese spray packaging all sites and operates its own, independent responsibility, if the user purchases the individually to provide the service. The site provides related services, in country spray packaging network does not assume any responsibility.

2. The user's explicit consent the China spray packaging service existing risk including but not limited to investment, operational risk, will be completely by their own bear, all the consequences arising from its use Chinese spray packaging services are borne by its own, China spray packaging this does not bear any responsibility.

3 China spray packaging network does not guarantee the network service will be able to meet the user's requirements, but also does not guarantee the service will not be interrupted.