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Copyright privacy
      The information and projects related to the products that are published in this website are intended to convey more information in the industry, all copyright reserved by the copyright owner or by the copyright owner. The site of China's spray packaging online publication of all information does not declare or guarantee the correctness or reliability of its content, you accept and recognize the trust of any information generated by the risk should be borne by itself.

     In order to avoid disputes, without the authorization of the written agreement, declined other websites and other relevant information service companies to be reproduced in use. If other media, web site or personal use, must retain the "source" of the "Manuscript", and the legal liability.

    In addition, in the range permitted by the copyright law of China and other relevant laws and regulations, this website have part of the information is from content partners, free resources provide reprint, editing obtained. In excerpts online manuscript, because of the particularity of the network, not timely confirm writer and contact with the author. If you find this site using your have copyright works and objection to our way of editing, please provide to us the proof of your identity and your of the works with copyright of relevant documents, we will as soon as possible in accordance with China's relevant laws and properly handle.

    Information on this website

    This web site information about Chinese spray packaging members or their products (including, but not limited to, the company name and contact information, product description, pictures, video, etc.) are by the member to provide their own, members shall respond to provide any information to assume full responsibility. The accuracy, completeness, legality or authenticity of this information is not assumed by China's spray packaging network. In addition, China's spray packaging network for any use or provide information on this site and the risk of commercial activities do not bear any responsibility.

    Without the written permission of the legitimate rights holder, any person is prohibited in this website display products. Any unauthorized use of the image on this site may violate international law, trademark law, privacy law, communications, communications and other laws and regulations.

     Visitors can download the information displayed on this website, but these data are confined for personal study and research use, shall not be used for any commercial purposes, regardless of whether or not the data express, all such information are subject to the legal protection of copyright law. Visitors do not have access to the spray packaging or respective copyright owners explicit written consent shall not distribute, modify, distribute, re-use, re transmission or use of the contents of this website for any public commercial purposes.

     Opinion and online forum

     Any views expressed in this website are personal views of the author, does not represent China's spray packaging network, China's spray packaging network operations department.

     Disclaimer of liability

     China spray packaging network in this special statement on the following matters do not assume any legal responsibility:

(a) China spray packaging in this statement, you use sites, and this site any content, services or other link to the website of the site and content are not as direct, indirect, statutory, contractual guarantees.

     (two) no matter in any reason (including but not limited to negligence), the use of the information on this website or the website link information to you or any person through, or cause other links to this website and the website information loss or damage (including direct, indirect, special or consequential loss or damage, such as loss of income or profit of damage or loss of data computer system, the consequences) responsibility borne by the user on its own (including but not limited to liability for negligence) users use of the website that browse this site agree to bear all the risk, because the Chinese spray packing net, China spray packaging operation the Ministry did not participate in the construction, production or development of the web site or the content to the user to provide, on the site to access the data for any direct, relevant, consequential, indirect Or the loss of money.