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The plastic workers commute on foot every day 12 hours to buzz and raise money

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Core tip:Plastic packaging of food and beverage is very common in our daily life, although food packaging form diversification, now young people prefer personalized packaging, but for some the elderly or ha
Plastic packaging of food and beverage is very common in our daily life, although food packaging form diversification, now young people prefer personalized packaging, but for some the elderly or have a special liking to traditional packaging. Both traditional and fashion, the plastic packaging seems to easily, especially under the circumstances of the pursuit of personality, plastic plasticity to shine on the packaging stage.

Plastic packaging personality dazzle Keep up with the market

Last year Coca-Cola launched personalized plastic bottle label, plastic bottle labels printed on youth and happy different font of the label to cater to the young, such as personalized demands. Won a lot of young people chase after hold in both hands. Now, the domestic demand for plastic packaging customization as more and more strong, such as the demand for personalized gift packaging. To this, we think that appeared in urgent need of several professional private enterprise custom plastic, specifically to meet the demand of the market. The market will be more special, is no longer order to order large quantities of plastic, but focus on quality, personalized plastic packaging production and sales. Response to market demand, hope to have more domestic plastic bottle manufacturer can actively try to enter this field.

Improve yourself, look for the market

In the trend of The Times under the condition of changing, people have aesthetic standard also has changed greatly. Take common packaging products, the type is very rich, which is one of the more major a plastic bags. As a new change, the design style of plastic bags has also been gradually produce some new elements, personalization features are gradually revealed. In the vastness of the commodity, some imaginative commodity packaging is often better able to attract people's eyeballs, maximize the realization of brand spirit.

Analysis, exactly why this kind of packing would be so popular in the market? In fact, the reason is very simple, that is because people cut, for the pursuit of individual words are breaking the traditional packaging form no longer adapt to the current market demand, it is more clearly the status quo.

Personalized plastic bags without good ideas, of course, that is the soul of the design. For packaging designers, in order to better do highlight the personalized characteristic, need more true to feel, in this way can we have a more profound experience. Simple terms, if there is no good ideas, then packing works hard to give a person a kind of stimulus in the visual effect of feeling, is no 2 and other packaging, fall into the mould.

Foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses, seize the market

As packaging materials, plastic has his strengths and weaknesses, when use to ensure the good application and advantage of develop continuously, try to avoid the disadvantage of plastic bottles, reduce unnecessary trouble, ensure more role and value of plastic bottles, promote the development of food industry and the change in the way sales. Diversification of product packaging design more and more attention. Compared to a few of the sell like hot cakes products, more can be found in addition to the more common plastic bottles, in tin can, tetra pack, glass bottle design significantly increased, many unique and convenient packaging design to get the favour of consumers.

Consumers to import drinks products "inner" special taste, of "external" unique, convenient and humanistic characteristics of packaging design is ready to accept and try. Plastic bottle itself is changing shape, changeful color make it more personalized characteristic relative to other packaging. Personalized packaging direction will affect the market at present the design concept of plastic bottles, the enterprise will be more in the mainstream of personalized development effort to cater to the market.

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