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Spray can become clothing? "Spray tank fabric" coming out in Spain

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Core tip:According to the British "Daily Mail " reported on 16, the spray can be the fabric of Spain s Dr Monet Torres and the Imperial College of University of London research team after ten years of research results Such spray
        According to the British "Daily Mail" reported on 16, "fabric spray tank" is the Spanish imperial college and the University of London Dr. Monet Torres's research team after ten years of invention. This spray will paint and cotton fiber components together, and adding anticoagulant, the spray in the tank liquid contact solidification to air.

         Mo Nai Dr. subsequently on a bare chested male experiments were carried out, he will be the instant textile spray spray on the man's body, and spraying on the blue dye.

        15 minutes later, the spray successfully solidified into a t-shirt. Because it is tailored to the real sense, so make the clothes will perfectly fit the wearer's body.

        Monet also hope to be able to produce all kinds of clothing, including hats, gloves, pants with it. "Spray tank fabric" still need two years to be listed. The invention will be exhibited in the London Fashion week.
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