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South of the city dump spent 730000 yuan to install spray deodorant system

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Core tip:1, the south of the city landfill to work overtimeAt present, nanning during the rainy season and summer fruits season, hot weather, a lot of GuaGuoPi perishable rubbish landfill site into the sout
1, the south of the city landfill to work overtime

At present, nanning during the rainy season and summer fruits season, hot weather, a lot of GuaGuoPi perishable rubbish landfill site into the south of the city life, such as under the high temperature fermentation, prone to landfill gas containing stink, stink gas produced. South of the city landfill gas, mainly from the landfill landfill smelly gas coming from the reservoir operation, in addition to dump surrounding a large number of piggery and burning the smell cooking hogwash waste tires, became a willow sand peninsula area a big source of odor a nuisance.


At present, the south of the city landfill daily processing waste reached 2300 tons, is the original design twice the average daily capacity of 1200 tons, overload of garbage growth, not only increase the landfill of assignment, also inevitably to extend the operation time. Weather conditions and the influence of the life garbage day play capacity has increased dramatically, with citizens reflect recent stench resurgence.


To this, city administration of urban sanitation in the south of the city landfill using guangzhou di spray machinery co., LTD. Spray deodorant, deodorization system has been continuously strengthened. The nanning into the summer, how to strengthen the summer deodorant measures, administration of nanning city environmental health management office has adopted a series of measures, good results have been achieved.


2, spraying microbial deodorant

In order to further increase the intensity of city domestic waste sanitary landfill deodorant, draw lessons from other domestic provinces and cities green deodorization work done better experience of landfill site, city administration HuanWeiChu use "high pressure spray gun wind system and conventional spray system" to effectively control odor overflow, nanning government invested 731300 yuan of special funds, wind cannon wall of fog, etc., used in the south of the city field deodorization system installation.


The deodorization system contains 13 sets of semi-fixed remote, 1 set of vehicular remote wind wind cannons and 1800 m deodorant anti-fog wall and into use. South field two vehicles in the sprinkler and semi-fixed 13 set of remote deodorization in the landfill area Wind gun spraying the surface of the landfill area full of microbial deodorant, this deodorant in accelerate the decomposition of fermentation and reduce the waste volume, at the same time, can effectively inhibit the growth of putrefactive bacteria, improve the decomposition of organic matter, reduce ammonia, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia material related fetor produced, have the effect of odor produced in source control.


At the same time, the carrying vehicle remote wind gun spraying vehicle is present throughout the area tour microbial deodorant, strengthen the flies xiaosha frequency; Along the landfill area area A to this period of landfill leachate regulating pool downwind installation is 1800 meters long, each pole 10 meters high wall of double spray atomization, mainly through spray atomization plant source deodorant in the air, make the deodorant antibacterial agent containing the fog to form A partition of odor and dust diffusion, purify air wall of fog and deodorization sterilization and reduce the dust, in the landfill area form A protection zone, to purify air, relieve the purpose of the gas diffusion.

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