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The overall quality of spray packaging in China has increased

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Core tip:The future of aerosol product adjustment will lead to product diversification, brand specific product adjustment, as well as the formula of water 2004 is the 40 anniversary of the birth of China s first aerosol products
       Future aerosol product adjustment will lead to product diversification, brand specific product adjustment, as well as the formula of water.

       2004 is the first aerosol products was born 40 anniversary, but also Chinese aerosol industry founded 20 anniversary; 20 years China has preliminarily established the complete of the aerosol industry system, in aerosol production has been ranked fourth in the world. Undoubtedly with the development of national economy and people's living standards improve, Chinese aerosol industry will be further developed, adjust and improve the, which in the laws and regulations and market competition driven by two aspects of the adjustment of product structure and adjustment of the layout of the enterprise to achieve.

      China's current aerosol product structure is: Pesticide about 39.3%, personal supplies 11.3%, automotive supplies 12%, paint and industrial supplies 10.8%, household goods 9.6%. Obviously, such a structure can not meet the needs of the market. Product adjustment will lead to product diversification.

       Can be expected, pesticides in the volume continued to grow while it accounts for share will gradually decline, aerosol insecticide itself structure will appear to adjust and release type insecticide, special use insecticides emerge, occupy its rightful place. Automotive, household, personal use of aerosol share, production and varieties will be significantly increased.

      Another result of product adjustment is the brand characteristics. In the competition based on the big brands will be the characteristics of the cap cover, spray cover, anti fake tanks to make their products personalized, so that their products are different from other brands.

      Visual effect is the first element to attract customers. Therefore, the shape of the tank, the tank and the nozzle, the shape of the spray cap coordination, spray packaging and coordination of the overall color of the industry has become a common concern of the industry. By the consumer and the market consensus of the special shaped tank, as early as 1997 in our country appeared, it is expected that this star will rise slightly. The personalized development of spray cap and cap is much faster than that of special shaped tank. In 2004 it will be widely used in large brands.

     Third aspects of product adjustment will be reflected in the formulation of the water. More and more products can be used in water based formulations, or in the formulation of the increasing number of water, in order to reduce the product's combustion and reduce the impact on the environment.

      At present the aerosol industry mainly concentrated in the coastal areas of the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River Delta and the Haihe River Delta. With the development of central and west regions of the strength is increased and the revitalization of the implementation of the strategy of the northeast industrial base, the aerosol industry will gradually rise, this will not only benefit the products sold nearby, but also conducive to the use of local plenty of oil, gas and labor resources. It can be expected that the adjustment of enterprises will be in 2004.

      At present, our country of aerosol products of high quality, medium and low there, cohabitation, with laws, regulations and standards of the implementation and consumer ability to distinguish products improve, on elimination of inferior products will accelerate. A few years ago inferior oil and insecticide mousse, ruthlessly abandon the markets as evidenced by. The future survival of the fittest process will be accelerated, so as to promote the overall quality of aerosol products to improve the overall. China's aerosol industry in 2004 will increase varieties, increase production, improve quality, especially the packaging tank and its supporting technology is bound to be more robust development.

     In the aerosol industry is in the key stage of adjustment and development, China's Packaging Association aerosol Specialized Committee will play a more positive role. For example, in the fourth quarter of 2004 in Shanghai held large international aerosol exhibition and technology exchange; to assist the government to carry out the aerosol business safety training and examination; enterprise organization to formulate relevant national standards and industry standards; will assist the enterprises to standardize the market order; strengthen and European Aerosol agent Federation (FEA) and national aerosol organization of exchanges and cooperation to assist Chinese enterprises to introduce to go out and so on.
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