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Spray packing in China's overall quality has improved

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Core tip:The 40th anniversary of the birth of the first aerosol products in China, and China& 39;s creation of the 20th anniversary of the aerosol industry; 20 years, China has initially built complete aero
The 40th anniversary of the birth of the first aerosol products in China, and China's creation of the 20th anniversary of the aerosol industry; 20 years, China has initially built complete aerosol industry system, aerosol production has been the fourth in the world. There is no doubt that with the development of national economy and the improvement of people's living standards, the China aerosol industry will further development, adjust and improve, which under the drive of laws, regulations and market competition through the adjustment of product structure to achieve both a business and the adjustment of the layout.


The aerosol product structure are as follows: pesticides by about 39.3%, 11.3% personal items, auto supplies 12%, paint and industrial supplies 10.8%, 9.6% on houseware products. Obviously this structure can not meet the needs of the market. Adjustment will lead to the first product diversification.


Can be expected, the pesticides in total continues to grow at the same time its share will decline gradually, the structure of insecticidal aerosol itself will be adjusted, the release of trap type, special use insecticides, occupies its rightful place. Automotive, home, personal use aerosol share, output and varieties will be significantly increased.


Another result is the brand characteristic product adjustments. Foothold in the competition of the big brands will use a characterization of the cap, spray cover, anti-counterfeiting tanks, etc. To make their own personalized products, make your product different from other brands.


The first element of visual effect is to attract customers. So, the shape of the pot, pot and nozzle, the coordination and spray, spray cap shape packing integral colour collocation and coordination are a subject of the concern of industry. Welcomed by consumers and business in market of special-shaped cans, as early as 1997 in China, expected this new star soon will be slightly raised. The development of personalized spray cap, cap will be far more quickly than the special-shaped cans. In 2016, will be widely used in the big brands.


Third aspect of product adjustment will be reflected in the formula of water. More and more products will use a water-based formula, or join a growing number of water in the formula, in order to reduce the combustibility of the products and reduce the impact on the environment.


At present, the aerosol industry mainly focused on the pearl river delta, the Yangtze river delta and coastal haihe river delta, with the development of the Midwest was intensified and the implementation of the strategy of revitalization of the northeast industrial base, aerosol industry in these areas will gradually rise, that would not only benefit the product sales, to the nearest to use plenty of oil, gas and local labor resources. Can expect enterprises adjust the clues in early 2016.


At present, our country of aerosol product quality high, medium, low, good and evil people mixed up, with the implementation of laws, regulations and standards and consumer product identification ability enhancement, elimination of inferior products to accelerate. A few years ago inferior moss, hair oil and insecticidal water mercilessly abandoned by the market. The future evolution of the process will be accelerated, which helps to raise the comprehensive of overall quality of aerosol products. 2004 the aerosol industry in China will increase the variety, increase yield, improve quality, especially the packing tanks and its supporting technology will get more steady development.


In the aerosol industry adjustment and development of key stage, BaoXie aerosol professional committee of China will play a more and more active role. In the fourth quarter in Shanghai in 2016, for example, a big international exhibition of aerosol and technical seminars; Assist the government in aerosol enterprise safety training and examination; Organize enterprises to formulate relevant national standards and industry standards; Will help enterprise standardize market order; To strengthen with the European federation of aerosol (FEA) and the exchange and cooperation of aerosol organization,, to help Chinese enterprises to go out, and so on.

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