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Plastic packaging is becoming increasingly mature growth is still optimistic about the ease

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Core tip:When a plastic package is successfully implemented lightweight, required in the injection molding process of resin material less, due to the use of less packaging materials, lightweight package is
When a plastic package is successfully implemented lightweight, required in the injection molding process of resin material less, due to the use of less packaging materials, lightweight package is very beneficial to the protection of the environment, but this is not her only advantage, lightweight package also has the advantage of more malicious use, for example, can effectively reduce the material cost.
Plastic bubble film packaging market in developed countries such as North America and Western Europe countries have become mature, will ease the growth. However, prediction developing bubble bag packaging market growth will be more robust, Asia is the largest regional market, Asia is also the bubble film packaging consumption growth the fastest market, the rate of growth in China and India.
Many suppliers of plastic containers, said a lot of daily chemical companies have shown great concern for lightweight, especially the public personal care products, such as the use of plastic bottles or plastic cans packaging skin care products. Generally, plastic bottles or plastic containers are more likely to achieve lightweight goals than plastic or plastic containers. Lightweight plastic packaging can alleviate the concerns of environmental protection and sustainable development, more and more people choose better packaging, production speed and product packaging itself is strong and reducing the weight and more quickly, the day of the company to sell large quantities of products, each package resin with the amount of slightly reduced can bring considerable economic benefits to the enterprise, especially resin raw materials prices unprecedented improvement under the premise, more and more enterprises to packaging lightweight issued increasingly strong interest in.
Plastic packaging bag market trends continue to be optimistic
According to a report by the Cleveland industry market research company, said the global demand for plastic bags will grow at an annual rate of 6.2%, in 2018 the market demand will reach $37 billion 300 million. This numerical increase is triggered by the consumer and producer's traditional consumer preferences, the market is more biased in the form of traditional plastic packaging, which can be said to be a market consumer inertia.
In the market expansion of China and other developing countries, the expansion of the scale of production and the increasing demand of the market presents the trend of complement each other. The report shows that by 2018, the market is expected to be the highest in the Asia Pacific region. Among them, the food packaging (especially beverage packaging) and pharmaceutical packaging will be the two major growth poles.
On the other hand, packing the degree of portability and design sense of rising also contributed to the market demand, compared with the developed countries, to Japan and South Korea, for example, consumer packaging group base remained stable; high industrialized areas in central and South America, for example, packaging demand continued to grow steadily; the most mature packaging market in North America and Western Europe, for example, rising demand trend more than expected rate; have to mention the most potential packaging market, including China, Thailand and India, strong demand is driven by the productivity of the whole packaging market.
Plastic packaging solutions have a way
In recent years, the use of thin walled plastic bags has quietly become a major market trends. In Europe and the United States and other countries, the weight of plastic packaging has long been a strange topic, take the UK as an example. 2013 British consumers in the domestic supermarket to buy a number of plastic shopping bags for 8 billion 300 million, compared to 12 billion 200 million in 2006 the overall decline of 32%. Although this figure compared with the 8 billion 100 million in 2012, but an increase of 3.2%. Wrap market analysts explained that this is mainly because of the use of light weight development and recycling of shopping bags to make the use of the original polymer in the manufacture of shopping bags dropped by 48%.
In order to give full play to its own value, a lot of supermarkets and retail stores in the UK will be placed on the door of renewable equipment, collection of waste shopping bags, so that the recycling. It is reported that in the business initiative, there will be nearly 40% plastic shopping "treasure" in Britain every year, used for the two time.
In addition to the collection of waste plastic shopping bags, British reproduction is also very supportive of the British government will be next year to the supermarket and large department stores in the use of plastic bags to levy 5 pence / a surcharge. They believe that the provision of plastic shopping bags to be paid to further regulate consumer awareness of environmental protection, so as to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags.
In general, plastic bottles, plastic containers, plastic hose and plastic cover and other types of containers more simple end of the policy of weight loss.
With the development of economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand of commodity packaging bag is increasing day by day, and the requirement of the packaging bag is more and more. At present, the rapid growth of output value of packaging industry, highlighting the huge development prospects of the packaging industry.
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