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Titanium dioxide market competition in 2016 the situation is not clear

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Core tip:This year, China& 39;s titanium dioxide market is bleak, at present, China& 39;s titanium dioxide production capacity of more than 3 million tons, overcapacity led to fierce competition in the indu
This year, China's titanium dioxide market is bleak, at present, China's titanium dioxide production capacity of more than 3 million tons, overcapacity led to fierce competition in the industry, the decline in profitability, many companies are in a state of loss. Affected by overcapacity in the industry, this year is also a wave of mergers and acquisitions, to enhance the capacity to enhance the degree of the opportunity to provide a good. For example, billions spent 9 billion yuan acquisition of Sichuan longmang industry leader, to become the world's fourth largest titanium dioxide enterprises.
The industry is expected to rebound in the downstream real estate sales and supply side reforms brought about by the integration of production, sustained downturn in the titanium dioxide market is expected to usher in prosperity to improve opportunities. It is understood that part of January plan to overhaul device manufacturers, helps to reduce the pressure on the stock market. From the industry fundamentals point of view, due to the slowdown in the domestic economy, real estate and other industries investment decline, making the paint market profitability significantly weakened, titanium dioxide prices also fell all the way.
It is understood, from the point of view of domestic titanium dioxide spot market, the majority of companies still maintain a cautious wait and see attitude, value has not been overseas giants upregulation influences and make adjustments, after all, the current environment of domestic supply and demand is still weak, prices remain running low. Domestic demand for titanium dioxide in the short term is difficult to ascend, rebound in prices is unlikely, but with the gradual penetration of the foreign price rebound positive and the central economic conference after the end of the policy direction of positive, the domestic titanium dioxide is expected to in 2016 at the end of the first quarter bottomed out.
Also has the personage inside course of study points out, 2016 titanium dioxide market is still in the phase of upheaval, market demand or further decline, supply exceeds demand situation temporarily can not solve, 2016 environment policy more lenient, compared to other industries, the titanium dioxide attractive stocks are still in, but the market is difficult. In the supply side reform vigorously promote the background, the reform is broken in the year, the industry restructuring and integration, standardized management and new business model driven market to guide the market to go strong. Large fluctuations and rebound "striking one snag after another" pattern or is the trend in 2016.
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