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Date 2016-05-11 To 2016-05-11
Address Shijingshan District City, Beijing, the ancient city of West Road, No. 113 Jingshan Hill wealth center 246
Hall St Louis
Host 美国喷雾包装学会和北美压铸协会 The United States spray packaging Association and the North American Die Casting Association
Contact zhang
Telephone 010-57400761
Exhibition description
North American spray packaging exhibition 2016
A summary of the exhibition held in time: 2016 04 months 06-09 days
Venue: the Organizing Committee in St. Louis, Missouri,: American Society of spray packaging and the North American Die Casting Association agent in China: Beijing Hengtai Jiayi International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Two. The exhibition is sponsored by the American Academy of aerosol packaging and the North American Die Casting Association. Castexpo is the largest professional spray packaging technology in North America and the whole America.
Industry trade fair.
The exhibition held in three years, in 2013 will continue to be held at the Saint Louis exhibition center. Castexpo as spray brand packaging industry exhibition, concentrated in the professional and influential, each session of the exhibition, the organizers will invited to the more than 10 million members, both exhibitors and visitors procurement, the member represents the spray packaging industry technology, product application and trade oriented at all levels. Even the designers of the Design Institute of the spray packaging design or industrial design, trade buyers are mainly factory members, international and domestic trade companies, large product procurement groups and so on. At the same time, the exhibition every year are in extension with held from America spray packaging industry annual conference metalcasting, the seminar will make out for trade and technological exchanges and trade products, such as the orientation of 10 theme exchange. It can be said that professional metalcasting is spray packaging industry design, technology, equipment, products, trade, purchase and sales will clash in the theme of the exhibition. As North America's only spray packaging exhibition, in 2013 the exhibition will display the world's most advanced spray packaging equipment, instrumentation and national excellent quality casting and spray packing material is our country spray packaging, casting products related enterprises understand changes in the international market and show our castings and related products, explore the international market, promote the excellent opportunity to our country casting and spray packaging materials export.
, exhibits range 1, die casting equipment; smelting equipment; all kinds of cold room / hot chamber die casting machine (aluminum, zinc, copper, magnesium alloy die casting machine); all kinds of hydraulic machine, hydraulic machine peripheral equipment and accessories; differential pressure spray packaging coatings; melt mold spray packing; precision spray (special alloys and waxes) packaging; die casting; process control and extrusion spray packing; low pressure spray packing; gravity metal mold spray packing; centrifugal spray packaging; continuous spray packaging; shell type spray packing; disappear mold spray packaging. 2, sand processing equipment; shakeout equipment; molding and core - making machine; shotblasting cleaning equipment to strengthen; metal spray packaging equipment; melting burning device; investment casting equipment; transportation equipment; testing equipment; aging treatment equipment; PAINTS; core drying equipment; special spray packaging equipment; spray packing with furnace and accessories; burner and beak; nondestructive testing; refractories; spray packaging materials; spray packaging resin, coal tar, spray packing repair material and equipment etc. auxiliary products; control equipment; testing instrument (thermometer). 3, forging equipment; forging equipment; free forging equipment; extrusion, rotary forming, cutting, bending torsion forming equipment; mechanical pressure machine; automatic forging press; hydraulic press; automatic molding equipment; ordinary molding equipment; hammers; forging machine; shearing machine; bending correction machine; coiling plate decoiling leveling equipment; riveting machine; other forging equipment and accessories; forging used in industrial furnace and energy saving technology; forging automation control equipment. 4, refractory materials and industrial ceramic raw materials and processing equipment, production and processing technology and equipment, all kinds of refractory products, insulation materials, industrial ceramics. Carbon material, carbon material production technology and equipment, all kinds of metallurgical materials, carbon graphite electrode.
Company name: Beijing Hengtai Jiayi International Exhibition Co. Ltd
Contact: Zhang Xiaoxu
Tel: 010-57400761
Mobile phone: 13141074542
Address: No. 113 West Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, Jingshan Hill Fortune Center 246
contact information
Contact: Zhang Xiaoxu
Address: No. 113 West Road, Shijingshan District, Beijing, Jingshan Hill Fortune Center 246
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