Eleventh the 2016 China Linyi plastic machinery and plastic packaging exhibition

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Date 2016-05-28 To 2016-05-30
Address China - Linyi - Shandong - Linyi Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Hall Linyi Shandong International Convention and Exhibition Center
Host Ji'nan Heng Exhibition Co., Ltd. Linhai Linyi Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Contact pan
Telephone 18866915966
Exhibition description
"The eleventh session of the 2016 Chinese Linyi plastic machinery and plastic packaging exhibition" for you to set up the ideal platform for cooperation and exchange. Through the exhibition opportunity, establish enterprise brand. By virtue of the unique advantages of Shandong Province, Shandong manufacturing industry strong concentrated domestic and international radiation, is your golden key to enter the market.
Low - cost, high efficiency gains, with lasting opportunities and benefits, make your product sales rapidly expanding, industry source poly. Saving time cost, saves the expenditure and marketing costs, so that you understand the market, make your products quickly occupied the market, a fair, exhibited enterprise style, featuring a harvest in the future...
The Ji'nan Heng Exhibition Co. Ltd. is mainly engaged in the organization, planning and organizing various exhibitions of professional exhibition Service Corporation. The company has a huge database of the audience, "2016 the 11th China Linyi plastic machinery and plastic packaging exhibition" has rich customer resources, perennial of domestic and foreign media publicize energetically, make the exhibition a household name in the industry, spread to every corner of the world.
] through a variety of channels of machinery industry professional magazines, websites, advertising, news, microblogging, blog and other of the general assembly.
* weekly will exhibition dynamic, information as a thematic planning, in the machinery industry website and several well-known domestic media website publicity.
9:28 organizing committee person of Shandong and Shandong surrounding provinces and cities in the industry to a delivery tickets and information to inform the exhibition, invited to visit the exhibition to negotiate, and collect customer data, to establish a database, before the exhibition uninterrupted on the SMS, micro letter in the form of notice.
] the organizers and the relevant government departments powerful alliances, to carry out the industry innovative and attractive promotion, forum, exchange etc. activities to attract professionals.
9:28 and around the industrial park, the industry within the industry organizations, professional associations, organizations; Economic Development Zone cooperation, organize tours to come to visit, negotiate and trade, and to help exhibitors looking for buyers and partners;
] in both at home and abroad more scale and influence of the industry professional exhibition, directly facing the professional customers to carry out the work of propaganda and organize the audience;
It launched by the exhibitors to invite customers at home and abroad to visit;
] in the surrounding cities of Linyi traffic arteries, the professional market suspension outdoor billboards and banners, large-scale outdoor advertising.
People in the territory of Shandong, the audience only need to make reservations in advance, you can enjoy free shuttle service.
This committee will arrange publicity staff to Shandong Province, the major professional market issuing tickets, inviting them to visit the exhibition hall.
contact information
Contact: Pan Yi
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