China (Shanghai) International Packaging Industry Exhibition 2016

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Date 2016-05-25 To 2016-05-25
Address Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center, Caobao Road 88, China
Hall China Federation of industry and Commerce
Host Exhibition Center
Contact wangming
Telephone 13061614168
Exhibition description
2016 China (Shanghai) International Packaging Industry Fair (hereinafter referred to as China pack will in 2016 September 26-28 in Shanghai Everbright Convention & Exhibition Center held -- is the only focus in packaging equipment and technology procurement event, all-round display the latest technology at home and abroad in the field of packaging equipment operation, to integrated, efficient, intelligent, China's packaging industry has a large market demand, exhibitors and packaging industry provides a better display and exchange platform. Exhibited a total area of more than 30000 square meters, at the appointed time will come from more than 20 countries and regions, exhibitors, exhibits covering domestic and international packaging equipment and packaging products and materials, precision inviting food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy, wine, tea, electronics / electrical appliances, gifts / day activities such as industry come to exhibition site visit and purchase, build package industry benchmark. To build the industry's most professional, the most complete international exhibition exchange and procurement platform event!
A general reason for exhibition
The advantages of scale, meet new dealers and buyers for exhibitors to provide a strong guarantee the actual effect of display. Current exhibition
Expected meeting audience of more than 40000 people, take strong global investment promotion mode, will integrate the database of previous exhibitions, focus on invitation packaging industry users to visit the procurement.
- Seamless, packaging industry customers will invite professional buyers directly in our exhibition site to negotiate and purchase.
] to expand the market, consolidate the existing market share -- a fair throughout the year to enjoy online and offline publicity, publicity involved in web,
Magazine, newspaper, mobile phone newspaper, micro-blog, WeChat and other new media, a multi surprise exhibition. Keep up with the latest market developments, share the mutual
Move, ad hoc on a trade matching, are invited from online and offline packaging industry procurement responsible person, visitors from more than 20 countries and regions in the world, arrange to meet to discuss, improve your packaging equipment and technical sales the best way to.
Professional buyers, general quality of the target audience
The target audience mainly comes from food processing manufacturers, beverage / beer manufacturers, paper packaging products manufacturer, the production of plastic products, metal packaging products manufacturers, glass packaging products manufacturers, packaging material manufacturers, pharmaceutical health care products factory, cosmetics factory, electronics factory, printing factory, gift handicraft factory, tobacco packaging medical equipment, packaging, auto parts manufacturing, industrial packaging, wine packaging, tea plant, dairy factory, baking factory, jewelry watches factory, advertising companies, textile factory, chemical factory, pharmaceutical factory, building materials factory, furniture factory, garment factory, Home Furnishing products factory, toy factory, stationery and sports goods factory plant, daily necessities factory, agricultural products processing factory, refrigerated logistics business, engaged in packaging materials packaging products in the upstream and downstream enterprises; dealers, franchisees, Traders, scientific research institutions, government agencies, shopping malls, supermarkets, the relevant chamber of Commerce and related media visits.
General strong publicity, the mainstream media coverage
1, 2016 Shanghai International Packaging Industry Exhibition by the majority of the media attention, based in Shanghai for international, site will be set up in the news, Shanghai Oriental TV, square news, Baidu, Renren, Sohu network, Soufangwang, Sina, HC, and the propaganda range relates to website, miscellaneous chronicles, papers, SMS platform, microblogging, micro channel, Alibaba and other more than 100 mainstream media tracking exhibition Report
2, the Organizing Committee in batches sent invitations, tickets are 50 million copies objects: a food, beverage, cosmetic, chemical, pharmaceutical, dairy, wine, tea, electronics / electrical equipment, paper packaging products producers, producer of plastic products, metal packaging products producers, glass packaging products students manufacturer, packaging material manufacturers, gifts / day activities etc., import and export business, distributors, agents, joined the, traders, research institutes, government procurement departments, related people in the chamber of Commerce and related media tours sent tickets
3, the status of the exhibition in a timely manner in the form of presentations by fax, WeChat, mail and other industries, for the enterprise, the buyer to provide the latest information
4, the use of telephone communication, fax invitations, text messages and other ways to invite the industry participants
5, the United Nations major industry websites, magazines and vigorously promote the timely reporting of the exhibition news, the industry's information
6, invite domestic and foreign industry associations, chambers of Commerce for in-depth cooperation, will come to visit the procurement group
7, with foreign famous industry media website cooperation, improve the current exhibition international visibility and influence
A general scope of exhibits:
The packaging machinery: sealing machine, wrapped package machine, vacuum packaging machine, aseptic packaging machinery, forming filling sealing packaging machine, filling machinery, filling machinery, a variety of direct packaging machinery, stacking machine, binding machine, balers, cartoning machine, spurts the code machine, shrink wrapping machine, automatic packing machine, sealing machine, labeling machine, packaging machinery, packaging machine body, winding type packing machine, multi function packaging machine, packaging production line etc.
] automation intelligent packaging machinery: automatic packaging production line, packaging production line overall integration and packaging of industrial robots, palletizing machine Palletizers, handling machine, sorting machine, packing machine, container transport equipment, stacking machine, removing machine etc.
Plastic packaging machinery]: blow molding machines, blow bottle machine, membrane labeling machine, injection molding machinery, plastic film blowing machine, rotational molding machine etc.
] packaging containers machinery: lid machine, bottle machine, cup machine, box of box making machine, bag making machine, blowing molding machine, a bowl of machine, canning machine, paper pulp molding machine, packaging printing / bar code, label machine, labeling machine, etc.
The package
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