2016 China Guangzhou (International) spray packaging machinery exhibition

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Date 2016-05-25 To 2016-05-25
Address Canton Fair exhibition area B
Hall Canton Fair exhibition area B
Host China Association of packaging machinery industry
Contact cengxiaojun
Telephone 18402013155
Exhibition description
Exhibition advantage:
1 authoritative organizer:
Cross sectoral, cross regional food machinery and packaging machinery enterprises, companies, universities and colleges volunteered and organized national industry organization China spray packaging machinery industry association CFPMA, existing group member of more than 1000, the design of packaging machinery committee, food machinery professional association, low pulp molded and products branch, Cold machinery branch, convenient food machinery branch, beverage filling machinery branch, meat processing machinery committee, preservation of fruits and vegetables processing machinery branch. Association of food machinery and packaging machinery and packaging machinery industry to promote the development of the whole industry, the association in the government and enterprises, enterprises and users and international exchange of the direction of the bridge and the role of intermediary role. China National Food Industry Association (CNFIA) is China's food industry the most authoritative industry management organization, the main functions and tasks of integrated into "co-ordination, planning, coordination, guidance and service", the association to "service society" for the purpose, to strengthen industry self-regulation, set up food safety awareness, improve the visibility of the brand, industry to promote international exchanges, to promote the healthy development of the industry.
2 top pavilion:
China Import and export commodities will Hall (Canton Fair Exhibition Hall) has a total construction area of 1.1 million square meters, is currently the largest in Asia, the most advanced facilities, highest grade, can meet the major international commodity trading exhibition of multi-functional, comprehensive, high standard international exhibition center, exhibition hall is a building of Guangzhou new image, improve the supporting facilities, the transportation is convenient.
3 excellent organization:
Organization adheres to follow "the lifeline of the audience is the exhibition" exhibition purposes, with the establishment of more than 30 million professional audience database, regularly by telephone, SMS, e-mail sent exhibition information, understand the business enterprise purchase demand, the summary of procurement information feedback to the exhibitors, improve exhibitors for and purpose, focus on inviting: food production enterprises, pharmaceutical production enterprises, beverage production enterprises, agricultural products processing enterprises, chemical production enterprises, health food production enterprises, enterprises producing dairy products, meat production enterprises equipment purchasing department and technical personnel.
4 intensive publicity:
With CCTV, GDTV, Guangzhou Daily, Nanfang Dushi Bao, China food newspaper, food industry, food business network reached a strategic cooperation partners, full coverage of the exhibition, at the same time in the "food machinery network", "Chinese food packaging network", "meat processing technology network", "made in China", "Chinese food equipment network", "China Packaging" and so on more than 180 site cooperation, publicity exhibition.
5 full range of visitors invited:
Plan and organize unit about 600000 invitations, printed invitations, tickets with advertising promotion, regular mail professionals. At the same time the organization unit and food related industry associations, through the one to one invitation and provide cost support and related measures to invite Association members to visit the procurement.
6 actively expand the international market:
Organizational units by countries Consulate General in Guangzhou, foreign chambers of Commerce and foreign and food related association cooperation, inviting foreign food manufacturers to visit the procurement, focusing on the invitation of Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, South America regional merchants participating.
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