Tokyo International Packaging Fair 2016

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Date 2016-05-25 To 2016-05-25
Address Tokyo, Japan Bigshght
Hall Tokyo, Japan Bigshght
Host Tokyo, Japan Bigshght
Contact Miss Huang
Telephone 13911751658
Exhibition description
1. Basic information of the exhibition
Name (Chinese): International Packaging Exhibition, Tokyo, Japan
Name (English): PACK TOKYO 2016
Exhibition date: October 4, 2016 to 7
Venue: Tokyo, Japan Bigshght (Tokyo International Exhibition)
Sponsor: Packaging Institute Japan (Japan Packaging Technology Association)
Exhibition cycle: two years
Organizer: Beijing International Exhibition Co., Ltd
Two. Exhibits range
* all kinds of packaging equipment and containers
* all kinds of packaging machinery and production line
* all kinds of printing and packaging materials processing machinery
* all kinds of food and pharmaceutical processing machinery
* a variety of inspection and measurement machines and equipment, packaging related equipment
* packaging design, packaging and production outsourcing (OEM / ODM), complete sets of packaging engineering, packaging test, screening and diagnostic services, packaging related system and software (CAD / CAM), pop and promotional support, R & D, packaging, consulting and other service circulation and logistics system equipment and services
* packaging related groups and media
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