China (Kunshan) International Packaging Exhibition 2016

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Date 2016-05-25 To 2016-05-25
Address No. 1598 Green Avenue Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, Kunshan
Hall China (Kunshan) International Packaging Industry Exhibition 2016 Time: September 7, 2016 -9 location: Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center Organizational institution Guide unit: Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China Sponsor: China Ma
Host China Federation of machinery industry Kunshan economic and Information Technology Committee
Contact Liu Kai
Telephone 021-6191 6473
Exhibition description
China (Kunshan) International Packaging Industry Exhibition 2016
Time: September 7, 2016 -9 location: Kunshan Huaqiao International Expo Center
Organizational institution
Guide unit: Ministry of Commerce of the people's Republic of China
Sponsor: China Machinery Industry Association
Kunshan economic and Information Commission
Kunshan Federation of Industrial Economics
Support unit: Kunshan Municipal People's Government
China Plastics Machinery Industry Association
China Packaging Federation
Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce
Kunshan Plastics Industry Association
Kunshan die & Mold Industry Association
Kunshan Municipal Science and Technology Bureau
Kunshan science and Technology Association
Zhejiang Energy Conservation Association
Kunshan high tech Zone Industrial Park
Kunshan robot industry base
Organizer: Huaqiao International Expo Center
Shanghai Jian Bo Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Bo Hui Business Exhibition Co., Ltd.
China's packaging industry has a large social demand, increasing scientific and technological content, has become one of the important industries of China's national economy, and the continuous growth of 10%~12%. The eastern coastal regions, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta region economic development faster, packaging industry is a prosperous and powerful, Jiangsu, Shanghai, Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang provinces and one city of packaging and printing output accounted for more than half of the nation's total gross printing and packaging. So we continue to close to the economic center in Jiangsu, Kunshan, Shanghai, organized the "2015 Kunshan International Packaging Industry Exhibition", designed to promote the prosperity and development of the packaging industry.
Under the care and support of all levels of government departments, industry associations, through the main organizer of the well planned, scheduled for September 2016 7-9 in Kunshan, Huaqiao International Expo Center hosted "2016 China (Kunshan) International Packaging Industry Exhibition". Exhibition will showcase the latest products and achievements in the packaging field and the future development direction, the exhibition will deepen the connotation, Bing by promote the development of the industry, for the purpose of service enterprises, for businesses to provide a business development, technology exchange, a show of strength, access to information, make customers, promote new products, looking for partners in the international trade platform. By then, buyers and suppliers will gather together, in the interactive experience of the environment and the industry peer exchange learning, exhibitors will get a great opportunity to expand their business. We focus on promoting the global packaging industry to provide a strong platform for image display, brand promotion, marketing and communication, is a meeting of suppliers and buyers can not be missed. For the packaging industry to provide more opportunities for cooperation, cooperation and win-win cooperation with the world's best trade space, a strong impetus to the comprehensive development of China's packaging industry products. The current exhibition will be to lead the industry science and technology innovation and green power create the future "as the theme of the exhibition, to fulfill the national implementation of the responsibility of the green environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction, stimulate innovation and development of the technology in the industry as a whole, to implement the" 45 "and" China's industrial 2025 strategic blueprint.
Related forum
1, 2016 China Packaging Technology Summit Forum -- link national industry associations, industry experts of the national invitation, the exchange of learning, and discuss plans.
2, the new packaging technology seminar -- focus on emerging topics, invited industry experts, business representatives, on behalf of the user mutual discussion, build a platform for communication and cooperation.
Time arrangement
Exhibition time: September 5, 2016 -6 Exhibition: September 7, 2016 9:00
Exhibition time: September 7, 2016 -9, leaving time: September 9, 2016 16:00
Forum time: September 7, 2016 -8 day forum Venue: hall conference hall
Location: Huaqiao International Expo Center (No. 1598 green Huaqiao Economic Development Zone, Kunshan Avenue)
The packaging machinery and accessories: a variety of food, wine, beverage, luxury goods, medicine, electronics, daily chemical products, such as industry of packaging machinery and accessories, vacuum packaging, paste box, bag, laminating and coating, filling, filling, sealing, packing, labeling machines, packing, packaging, winding equipment, etc.;
The packaging materials: coextrusion composite, tensile blown film, foam sheet, cardboard paper tube, aluminum foil, adhesive tape, hot melt adhesive processing machinery, plastics packaging materials, food packaging materials, drug packaging materials, green environmental protection packaging materials;
The corrugated honeycomb paperboard carton, carton machinery and equipment: pulp paper tape, etc.;
The product label: mold label, heat shrink labels, electronic monitoring code, RFID technology, digital label printing technology;
The containers and packaging products: plastic packaging, metal packaging containers, glass containers, container bags, weaving bags, plastic bags, such as green packaging technology, packaging anti-counterfeiting technology, packaging design, packaging technology.
The packaging automation solutions: material palletizing robots, automatic packaging line, packaging equipment, recycling
Reuse and field cleaning production line
The printing machinery and equipment: printing, prepress, digital printing, offset printing, flexo printing, gravure printing and other various types of printing equipment, screen printing, all kinds of packaging and printing, finishing, printing material and accessories.
Charge standard
] standard booth: domestic enterprises: 7800 yuan /; JV / foreign-owned: 8800 yuan / configurations: standard booth set up exhibition, a negotiating table, two chairs, two lights. Surcharge opening in corner position of the booth at 10%.
The light booth: domestic enterprises: 780 yuan / m2; JV / foreign-owned: 880 yuan / m2 (open area of 36 square meters rent, does not contain any facilities, special decoration booth borne
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