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Guangzhou litres treasure spray equipment co., LTD

City: Guangzhou
Contacts: Ms.Zhang
Telephone: 82006366
Address: Luogang district guangzhou city science and technology development zone
Company introduction: Guangzhou litres treasure spray equipment co., LTD. Is a specialized spray system and all kinds of industrial nozzle professional enterprise, the c...

The jin cheng spray equipment co., LTD in shenzhen

City: Shenzhen
Contacts: mr.zhu
Telephone: 13714961792
Address: Baoan district treasure source data of city road 168 famous industrial park of 530 B
Company introduction: Shenzhen ceramic pigtail spray equipment co., LTD., founded in 2010, the jin cheng spray equipment co., LTD., located in the forefront of reform an...

Yuyao fu rand packaging co., LTD

City: Zhejiang
Contacts: mr.zhu
Telephone: 13566091245
Address: Zhejiang yuyao mazhu doumen century road number 43
Company introduction: Our factory is a professional manufacturer of micro sprayer and plastic bottles, the product has hand sprayer, hand pressure sprayer, liquid dispen...
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