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The jin cheng farm disinfection equipment product performance

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Product detail
When the droplet diameter is small, searches, spread quickly.

Low power aerosol of high speed, high efficiency.

Low cloud droplets below 90% in 20 microns in diameter, air floating up to 4 hours.

Low water tank with high density, corrosion resistant polyethylene materials, can be sprayed with oily, water-based preparations.

Design features:

Low with a hose nozzle front had an "on/off button switch, swing Angle arbitrarily, on and off at any time.

Low water tank and translucent box by the scale, ratio of offering medical convenience and accuracy.

Patent application in advance, than other similar power and its effect are improved significantly.

Use the jin cheng spray equipment for farms bring actual effect:

1, completely remove pipe biofilm, bacteria cannot survive;

2, thoroughly exterminate all sorts of bacteria, and bacteria without tolerance;

3, from then on don't need to clean water, the water line and nipples unobstructed thoroughly clean;

4 or more links of disinfection, no need to buy a variety of disinfection products for bacterial resistance.

Actual effect for farms (with chicken farm as an example, detailed data can contact our sales department) installed two days later, the water pipes in farms biofilm was thoroughly cleared, line do not need to conduct regular cleaning, bacteria was completely kill:

1, improved crop rate;

2, increase the market weight;

3, enhances the livestock and poultry's physique;

4, reduce the feed conversion ratio;

5, improve the production performance;

More than a few farms are the easiest to get economic benefits, thus farms can yield immediate after using the jin cheng farm disinfection equipment. Not only save a lot of workers labor, also brings the economic benefits of the final, is the best choice of the farm disinfection equipment.

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